Day 3: What do you do for Halloween & a Halloween Memory

I get insanely dorky about holidays, especially ones that fall in the middle of fall.  Halloween has always been one of my favorites because it involves decorating the house lavishly and wearing crazy costumes.  Michael feels very similarly about this, so we honor Halloween by getting dressed up and spending it with friends.  This year we're throwing a costume party (with possible trip to the bars afterward) for friends at our house.  We're also ridiculously excited to get trick or treaters since our last house was on 14 acres of land in the middle of the country.  

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has always made chili with cheese bread (the cheese, naturally, is cut into the shape of a ghost or a witch's hat with cookie cutters) on Halloween.  These are traditions that I simply have to follow, so our menu for Halloween is always set!  

My favorite Halloween would be the first year MJ and I were together.  I'm typically the one in the relationship that gets ridiculously excited over little things, so it was kind of fun to have Michael be all gung ho about dressing up.  We went to a small town VFW (and if you've never been to a small town VFW, you don't know what you're missing.) with some friends and just had a wild night of random fun.  We dressed up as Greek gods and goddesses. 

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