The Adventures of Moose, Loodle, and Motor

If you've read my blog more than once, you'll know that we're pretty crazy about our dogs.

Our next door neighbor is also crazy about her dog, Motor.

As it would so happen, Amos and Motor are best friends in the entire world.  They have doggie play dates, and will just lay on top of each other and chew on each other's heads for hours.  It's really quite cute.

Except when it's not cute.  Except when they both find themselves outside without their leashes.  Then, they take off into the 20 acres of woods behind our house and stay gone for 2 hours leaving all of us in a state of desperation of panic.

That isn't too fun, so as you might imagine we are super strict about letting the dogs outside without a leash.  Until you open the door to let in Motor, and Amos and Lexie shoot the gap, and dash up into the woods with both Michael and I running after them like crazy people.  Which is exactly what happened on Saturday!

The dogs take off, and they're gone.  I panic.  We drive around looking for them.  We sit in our back yard screaming until our voices are raw.

Then, an hour later, Lexie emerges.  Alone. Cue even more panic.

In my awesome mental state, I am convinced that putting a leash on Lexie and having her "lead" me to Amos is by far and away the best possible plan.  And off we go on a 1 mile hike through unchartered territories.  I almost fell off a cliff twice.  The chase was cut very short when something growled at me from a tree.  I can only assume it was a mountain lion.  MJ is sure it was a raccoon.

After I make it back to the house alive, I immediately get in my car and drive around to all the surrounding streets, terrified that they would have actually made it out of the woods behind the house and on to one of the 3 busy roads that surround our house.  It was a panic inducing moment, until I got a phone call from Motor's Mom.

Valerie: "Hey!  Someone found them!"

Me: "Ohmygodareyoukidding?  I'm crying, I'm crying!  Where are they?"

Valerie: "*Name of Road that's insanely far away*"

Me: "........Really?"

She was serious.  Our dogs somehow crossed insanely busy roads and an Interstate to wind up 4.5 miles away from home.  Here is their projected path:

Lexie, who had a brief stint being homeless, obviously got to the road and decided that that was not a route she wanted to take again.  Ever the Mama's girl, she ran her happy butt home where she was met with treats and a stern conversation on the merits of listening to your parents.

When I finally arrived to pick up Amos and Motor, they were as happy as clams thanks to the very kind lady who picked them up.  They also smelled terrible.

And so both dogs were delivered home.  Where Moose promptly slept for the next 18 hours. 

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  1. Sooo glad you found them safely!! That was quite the puppy adventure!! They do always come back smelly though, I once found my pup in a goat pen!! How on earth she ended up there I'll never know, but those mean goats were totally willing to defend her!