Weekend Update!

I'm more than halfway through my three weeks of adventures, and quite frankly, Thank GOD.  After LSU weekend I'm going to take a very long and needed break from being fun.  Because being fun has led me to be a walking zombie all day today.  Ugh.  I'd like to thank the Corner Pub for making the very fabulous baked potato that brought me back to life. 

And now, a recap!

On Friday, one of my best friends came into town.  This was awesome because Mere is awesome and every time she comes to Nashville we have an awesome time.  We went out to get margaritas at my favorite Mexican place, and then headed to the high school to watch the game.  It was freezing, but Mere was extremely good luck!  We beat Harpeth (a team that was supposed to kill us) 27-7, and that equaled one very happy hubby! 

To celebrate this, we came home and had a bottle of wine.  And then, instead of getting up in the morning to run the 5k like I've been swearing I'm going to do, we laid in bed.  Oops.  The only thing that makes this okay is the fact I'm adding "Run the Jingle Bell 5k" to our forthcoming Christmas advent calendar.  Go ahead.  Judge me.  I like wine and I'm lazy.  Also, it was really cold.  No thanks. 

Then, Saturday, we got ready for our PARTY!

Mere brought me an adorable cupcake holder, so that helped get our table in order.  We changed out lightbulbs to be green (so creepy and fun!), and I set up a chili bar that came complete with mini grilled cheeses, sour cream, pimento cheese, jalepenos and shredded cheese.  I also made a vodka punch and some very cool hand shaped ice cubes via pinterest.  Sadly, I did not stop to consider that the canister was not wide enough to fit the hands in it.  Some pouting ensued.

The party was very fun!  Our friends are awesome and we had a little too much fun and didn't get into bed until 3am.  But it was completely worth it!


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