On Blessings

There are some things that are such an integral part of your dreams and life goals, that you almost take them for granted.  You marry your soul mate, and then make the decision to start trying, eyes full of stars, and know that this is an easy next step.  You get married, you have a baby.  First comes love, then comes marriage. 

Our road was easier than so many others, but parts of it were so dark that it was hard to see the said stars.  There were acupuncture treatments, doctor visits, tears, prayers, and an angry reliance on a mysterious body that just didn't want to seem to do what everyone else's had no problem with.    

You cannot possible imagine the relief, the joy, the sheer elation that comes with knowing that God is greater than all of this, and seeing first hand all He is capable of.  

With this being said, we are beyond thrilled to introduce Baby Jackson, who is due March 11. (the day before our anniversary!).   God is so amazingly and unbelievably good! 


  1. I am so so excited for y'all! You are going to be great parents and it is so much fun!!

  2. Aunt Maddie is standing by to being spoiling Baby Jackson!!